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Institute of Management Accountants        Bloomington, Indiana Chapter
The membership of The Institute of Management Accountants consists of business people ranging from management accountants and financial managers just beginning their careers to presidents and CFO's of major corporations.  Membership also includes Certified Public Accountants, educators, students, and many involved with federal, state, and local governments.  Our Bloomington chapter represents over 25 area businesses, 10 CPA firms, 9 non-profit or government organizations, 5 financial institutions, and more.  We have been established since 1976 and have over 70 members today.
Locally we provide monthly technical meetings in conjunction with lunch or dinner, biweekly video luncheons for more technical teachings, an annual professional development seminar, monthly newsletters, and most of all a network of business relationships to enhance your resources and interaction in the community.
IMA provides many benefits and services such as:  Leadership Training, Employment Networking, Regional Education Assistance Programs, Self-Study Programs, McLeod Informantion Center access, Ethics Counseling Service, Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Financial Management (CFM) Programs, monthly published financial magazine, monthly newsletters, Member Interest Groups, Website, and much more.
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Steve Hunt - President, Regional Delegate
Richard Colclesser - Vice President Administration
Chris Adams - Secretary,. Website
IMA Board - Director of Public Relations, Community Service, 
Director of Membership
Natalie Booker - Vice President Communications, Director of Program Booklet, Newsletter
Committee - Director of Educational Meetings, Director of Educational Seminars
Sally Link - Treasurer
Jerome Neely - Regional Delegate, Chair Corporate Academic Development
Steve Miller - Chair Review Committee
2014-15 Technical Dinner Meetings at Chapmans

Sept 16, 2014 6:00pm Blue & Co.
January 20, 2015 6:00pm Mary Horn, BKD LLP
May 19, 2015 6:00 pm  TBA
Come & join the IMA experience and network with your peers.

Email at susie.arsenault@rogersgroupinc.com
The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) program has been designed to recognize the unique qualifications and expertise of those professionals engaged in management accounting and financial management.  This certification provides distinction in today's economic climate and afford the opportunity to certify your expertise in the business areas that are critical to the decision-making process.

To Learn more about becoming a Certified Management Accountant, click on IMA - National button above then click on Certification.
Beth Coulter-Feldman & Karen Conner- Director of Educational Seminars 
2014-15 Technical Luncheon Meetings at Rogers Group Office 

The 2nd & 4th Thursday each month an Video to be announced 2 weeks prior. Contact susie.arsenault@rogersgroupinc.com
Steve Steininger - VP Membership Retention & Acquisition
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             Bloomington Chapter
2014 Professional Development Seminar 
Friday NOVEMBER 21, 2014 8am-5:00pm
Bloomington Convention Center  
Make plans now to get your 8 CPE

Click here for 2014 Seminar registration ---->

             Lincoln Trail Regional Council

The Bloomington Chapter of IMA  is one of eight chapters that belongs to Lincoln Trail Regional Council of IMA. The Council oversees and provides guidance to local chapters in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, including Bloomington, Evansville, Indianapolis, South Central Indiana, Blue Grass Area, Louisville, Northern Kentucky, and Nashville. Chapter members are invited to attend the Council’s quarterly meetings to represent their chapter, brainstorm and share best practices with other chapters, and learn more about the overall goals of Global IMA. Learn more about Lincoln Trail Regional Council at http://www.lincolntrail.imanet.org
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